An innovative new solution for quickly and cheaply measuring and displaying the amount of heat flow through building elements and their U value.


Here is a short 1 minute video with sound demonstrating how to use HEAT3D with the FLIRONE:-




HEAT3D  uses an innovative development of the quantitative internal IRT method, combining two new and cheap technologies to provide a low cost handheld instrument offering a quick and highly visual measurement of the heat flux through a building surface in Watts, along with its U value. These measurements can then be used to provide quantitative input to future domestic EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates), to allow before and after measurement of U values during refurbishment of existing buildings to improve insulation, and to check a new building’s performance meets predicted/designed U value expectations.

The research and development behind HEAT3D was part funded by Innovate UK


HEAT3D and the Energy House

HEAT3D has been successfully tested in the unique Energy House facility at Salford University and proved to measure heat flow accurately. The Energy house is the only fully climate controlled research facility in the world.   https://www.salford.ac.uk/built-environment/laboratories-and-studios/energy-house The wall we tested was massively instrumented with calibrated Heat flux plates and thermocouples so we could compare …

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