Use HEAT3D® to see the cost of the heat flowing through the fabric of a building. Work out where best to insulate and whether it’s worth it. If you live in a warm place measure the heat coming into the rooms and see how much air conditioning costs could be saved. Take a HEAT3D survey before and after adding insulation and measure the heat flow difference and true cost savings.

HEAT3D takes thermal imaging to the next level by measuring the  amount of heat energy flowing through surfaces (in Watts or BTU/h). Its primary use is in buildings for heat flow in either direction through a surface – e.g. warming or cooling.

HEAT3D  uses an innovative development of quantitative infra-red thermography, combining two new and inexpensive technologies to provide a low cost handheld instrument offering a quick and highly visual 3D measurement of the heat flux value through a building surface in watts, along with its U value. HEAT3D doesn’t just measure the IR temperatures, it accurately measures the actual heat flow in watts (BTU/h) flowing through each part of the surface. These measurements can then be used to provide accurate input for before and after measurement and comparison of U values during refurbishment of existing buildings to improve insulation, and to check a new building’s performance meets predicted/designed U and R value expectations, provides the expected return on investment  and meets future domestic EPCs (Energy Performance Certificate) requirements.

The research and development behind HEAT3D was part funded by Innovate UK