HEAT3D and the Energy House

HEAT3D has been successfully tested in the unique Energy House facility at Salford University and proved to measure heat flow accurately. The Energy house is the only fully climate controlled research facility in the world.



The wall we tested was massively instrumented with calibrated Heat flux plates and thermocouples so we could compare the HEAT3D results with the standard values using  current practice.


This is a HEAT3D thermal model captured from one of surveys. You can view it in full AR mode in Safari on an iOS device with iOS 12 or later. Just tap on the AR mode indicator (wireframe cube)  at the top right of the image.

The graph below shows the comparison between the heat flow measured by conventional heat flux plates (in blue) and HEAT3D orange point surveys over a 2 week period with the Energy House driving varying heating and temperature regimes including a very artificial sunny day right at the end where the heat flow went negative. HEAT3D’s measurements tracked perfectly.