HEAT3D for non-professional users


A new entry level version of HEAT3D is now available via the Apple AppStore for home users and those who want to try it out before moving up to using HEAT3D Pro. HEAT3D lets you see the instantaneous heat flow (Q) through a surface and gives a rough estimate of the annual energy costs. Please note that unlike HEAT3D Pro, it does not measure U values and is less accurate.

Use HEAT3D to see the cost of the heat escaping through your walls. Work out where best to insulate and whether it’s worth it. If you live in a warm place see how much heat is coming into your rooms and how much air conditioning cost you could save. Take a HEAT3D survey before and after adding insulation and see the heat flow difference and potential cost savings.

HEAT3D measures and displays the amount of heat energy flowing through surfaces (in Watts or BTU/h). Its primary use is in buildings where it measures heat flow in either direction through a wall – e.g. warming or cooling. However it could be used to measure heat flow through any surface.

The HEAT3D models also capture the room dimensions (wall areas, heights and room volume). Notes can be added to the survey and a printable report generated. The survey information can be saved, edited, shared and viewed again later. You can share your HEAT3D model with other users via email etc. for them to view too.

You’ll need a FLIROne camera and an iPad or iPhone. We would recommend using the FLIR One Pro if possible, it will produce more accurate measurements and with higher resolution. HEAT3D works with the FLIROne Edge too.

There is a short 1 minute video demonstrating how to use HEAT3D with the FLIROne camera here:-


and a user guide here:-


The tech

HEAT3D uses an innovative development of quantitative infra-red thermography, combining two new and inexpensive technologies to provide a low cost handheld instrument offering a quick and highly visual 3D measurement of the heat flux value through a surface in watts. HEAT3D doesn’t just measure the IR temperatures, it measures the actual heat energy flowing through each part of the surface. HEAT3D measures the heat flow to +/-4W/m2 accuracy and energy costs to approximately +/-33% (see the HEAT3D user guide for information on how to improve the measurement accuracy).


Heat3D Pro takes HEAT3D to the next level providing far more sensitive and accurate heat flow measurements ( x10 ) which allows industry ISO 9869 standard U values to be obtained. HEAT3D Pro is for building energy professionals who need to measure U values, measuring heat flow to +/-0.5W/m2 and U values to +/-0.05W/Km2 across a whole wall within an hour. The same order the traditional method using Heat Flux plates such as the popular Hukseflux HFP01 obtain for a single point over several days. HEAT3D Pro’s U values allow accurate prediction of the cost benefit of energy saving measures as well as checking energy performance specifications are being met. HEAT3D Pro requires Electric Pocket’s additional proprietary temperature calibrated, auto-positioning, bluetooth air & radiative IR temperature targets & PID temperature controlled heater. There is a short video showing HEAT3D Pro in action here


Please contact business@electricpocket.com for more information about HEAT3D Pro.

The HEAT3D technology has been researched and developed for over 3 years. It has been successfully tested in over 24 buildings of varying construction and age and shown to provide the same level of accuracy for heat flow and U value measurements as the very expensive and time consuming ISO 9869 standards approved HeatFlux plate method. You can read about the research and results here:-